How does IBM's university recruiting process work? How do students apply?


IBM recruits at top programs throughout the US. On campus in Fall and Spring, students can find us at career fairs and info sessions, leading classroom discussions, participating in student organization events, and so on.


We typically conduct first-round interviews on campus. Second rounds, for competitive students, may take place at one of our office locations. For candidates who apply online at, know that IBM does review ALL applications and will reach out and interview candidates we think may make a strong fit. We welcome any and all candidates to apply through our Web site.


What to expect in an interview


IBM uses behavioral-style interviewing and in some instances (i.e., consulting) case interviews — these help us learn what students have accomplished, what skills they possess, and how deep their experience goes.

IBM hiring managers absolutely want to hear about a candidate's career goals too. It's not about hiring for one role per se, but how an individual can fit in with IBM long term.


Even though IBM can offer students positions in many functional areas (i.e., technical, finance, marketing, sales, consulting, management, etc.), it's important for a candidate to have a strong idea of what type of role they are looking for.


Stating generic interests will not get you very far. A candidate should demonstrate that they have done their homework. We want to see a candidate prepared to explain how their skills and experience will benefit our company and make short and long term impacts. Most importantly — be excited about your career ambitions! We love enthusiasm.